Which Polynomial Does the Model Represent

Which Polynomial Does the Model Represent


Your refrigerator an essential home appliance and is responsible for keeping your food at its best while setting the tone for the entire room. For this reason, investing in one of the best-ranked refrigerators is a move worth making, it will serve you for years. Moreover, some features might be of great importance to you as compared to others. Other things to consider before upgrading include the refrigerator size, exterior design, where and how it’ll fit into your kitchen. The following are some best-reviewed refrigerators in the market each offering something different

Avanti RA7316PST

Avanti refrigerators are compact, mid-size and perfect for apartments and small spaces. This model is a top energy star refrigerator that does a great job for the little energy consumption. It can be modified and adjusted to achieve more storage with its adjustable shelves. It features a good temperature control range and a see-through crisper. However, users have stated that its interior design has a problem. This is because water deposits tend to form at the bottom of the fridge.


You can depend on LG Instaview refrigerators to do a superb job of maintaining the freshness your food as well as adding a stylish look to your kitchen. This model boasts nearly 30 cubic feet (0.85 m³) of space ensuring that you have enough space to fit tons of leftovers. It has various compartments that allow you to keep items organized in the fridge. The InstaView’s glass panel allows you to view your intended meal or drink before opening it. InstaView technology also allows you to knock on the window to make the interior lights come on. It also features a temperature-changing drawer that allows you to select four different levels of cold. Despite its large design, this model is energy efficient. Its Energy Star-certified with an annual consumption of 776 kWh.

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Whirlpool Double Drawer WRV986FDEM

If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, the Whirlpool double drawer won’t disappoint. It has smooth stainless steel French-doors with a glossy finish. It features 25.8 cubic feet (0.73 m³) of storage and has two fridge drawers in between the bottom freezer and doors. Its triple crisper bin offers you more space for storing your fruits and veggies. This model also features smaller compartments for storing butter and string cheese. An in-door dispenser, LED lights and glass shelves are all features to be expected of this model. However, it is expensive and requires a large storage area.

CC-BY/Lars Plougmann/Flickr

Arctic King 2.6 cu

This mini-refrigerator is one of the best reviewed Arctic King refrigerators of its kind. Its 2.6 cubic feet (ca. 74 l) and keeps your food and drinks cool and fresh all day. It features a remarkable energy efficient technology and has a chilling compartment that acts as the freezer. Its stainless steel design is remarkable and can be installed anywhere. Moreover, this mini-refrigerator has great temperature consistency making it an ideal choice for anyone in search of a compact refrigerator to fulfill all his needs. Though this model lacks a freezer, your products still remain cold in the compartment.

CC-BY/Joe Shlabotnik/Flickr

Frigidaire Gallery Custom-Flex FGTR1845QF

This refrigerator model is the best for limited space. It’s 18.1 cubic feet (0.51 m³) in size and affordable. According to different refrigerator size charts, fresh food occupies 14.1 cubic feet and 4.0 cubic feet (0.11 m³) is for frozen foods. The “Custom-Flex” door compartments feature different bins like a can dispenser, a butter tray and basic shelves that clip into a system of rails. Moreover, it features an additional snack-specific drawer for storing items such as yogurts or string cheese. Aside from LED interior lighting and glass shelves, the fridge has other higher-end features such as humidity-controlled crisper drawers and a stainless steel smudge-proof. It is an Energy-Star-qualified appliance that boasts several energy-saving features. This model, as well as the Frigidaire FFFH17F2QW refrigerator, have thicker-than-average walls that ensure your food remains frozen up to two days if there is a power outage.

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Don’t let its compact size fool you: This refrigerator is big enough to hold two dozens of water bottles and still have space leftover for storing fruits and food. It’s an apartment-sized refrigerator with an outstanding design made of stainless steel. This consumer review refrigerator has bright LED lights to help you see through the crystal made drawers and shelves. It features electronic controls and an indication display to help you adjust the temperature efficiently. Its shelves can be adjusted or removed if desired. The fridge tends to be noisy at times and this can be a problem if you value silence in your house.

CC-BY/Travis Hornung/Flickr

Haier HC40SG42SB

Haier HC40SG42SB is a mini freezer and refrigerator packed with high-end features. It is available in three different colors and is Energy Star-certified. Its 4 cubic feet (0.11 m³) design offers enough space for features such as can disposal to store tall bottles. It has an ice cube tray and can freeze products in just two hours. However, the compressor can be noisy when its operation.

CC-BY/Matthew Paul Argall/Flickr

GE Café French-Door Refrigerator

Thanks to its amazing, customizable design, this GE model stands out from the rest. Whether you want a matte white or black exterior, this brand has an assortment of designs that favor everyone. It has great temperature consistency and isn’t affected by external temperature changes. The French-door Café model has a refrigerator condenser and an internal water dispenser. It’s one of the top energy star refrigerators of the brand thus helps reduce your monthly utility bills. Moreover, this model is WI-FI connected allowing you to use your voice or smart device to preheat water.

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KitchenAid KBLS19KCMS

KitchenAid KBLS19KCMS is a consumer reviewed refrigerator that delivers the best temperature performance. In a list of stainless steel fridges, this model, as well as the KitchenAid Multi-Door, stand out. They both have ample room inside to store all of your groceries. The freezers are able to utilize the famous three-tier design that helps organize frozen goods with ease. They are Energy Star-certified and don’t make a lot of noise when operating. The fridge’s interior is eye-catching with platinum-gray walls and plenty of LED lights.


Samsung RF23J9011SR 4-Door Flex

Thanks to its unique compartment, the Samsung 4-Door Flex refrigerator can move back and forth between an extra fridge and freezer space. In comparison to other consumer reviewed refrigerators, this model is the best for customization. This is because its compartment can be a freezer or warmed up to allow fresh food storage. Its Power-Cool feature is perfect when you want to quickly cool down drinks. It also has a Power-Freeze feature for the freezer. This Samsung model has a shallow design in comparison to other models but it’s possible to reposition the middle shelves for greater flexibility. It is a top energy star refrigerator even though it has 22.5 cubic feet (0.64 m³) of capacity and three gallon-sized bins.


Which Polynomial Does the Model Represent

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