What is the Area of the Polygon Given Below

What is the Area of the Polygon Given Below


So much has changed about the way people make calls. For example, you can’t even call your next door neighbor’s landline without using an area code, and you certainly can’t call mobile phones without it. Area codes also give you a good idea of who’s calling you. Almost everyone has been in a position where they receive a call from an unknown number, and they want to look up the area code to see if it might be someone they know who lives in a different spot. This is how you can look up an area code.

Search Google

If you already know the area code but you need to know where it’s from, a quick Google search is all you need to find that information. Simply go to Google and type in the number with the words “area code” in the search bar. The top results will present you with a map of the area where the area code is in use, along with some additional information. For example, when you type in “404 area code,” the results state that it covers the city of Atlanta, Georgia and its closest suburbs.

Another great source is All Area Codes. The search feature here allows you to search by phone number, area code (if you already have it) or city. You can also take a closer look at maps of the United States and Canada to see which area codes go with which regions. Below the maps, every area code is sorted by state or in numerical order, and there’s even some extra information about landlines, cell phones and carriers.

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Try World Atlas

Worldatlas.com is a simple yet resourceful website when it comes to all things geography, and that even includes looking for area codes. The site features a basic map of the United States that gives you a general idea of which area codes are located where, and it provides a list that breaks the codes down by state. There’s also a little history lesson on why the country has area codes.

Look It Up on 50 States

If you need a quick, no-frills glimpse at area codes, 50states.com may be the source for you. The site breaks them down by state, and if you click on a specific state, you can take a closer look at individual cities. The site offers plenty of other interesting information about the states, such as capitals, famous people from each state, state flowers, sports teams and city guides. There are even some study tools and quizzes if you want to test your state knowledge.

Check with Verizon

Verizon is the biggest wireless communications provider in the United States, so it only makes sense that it would have a page on its website dedicated to understanding area codes. The page gives some background on them, explains how to use them when making domestic and international calls, lists any recent and upcoming changes to local area codes in the U.S. and provides you with any information you might need if your area code is changing. There’s also an easy-to-use area code search that lets you look the codes up by location or the area code itself.

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What is the Area of the Polygon Given Below

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