Shavon D. Ford

About Me

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Shavon (Shay-von). Shavon has designed and created this website to

showcase his story, passion, experience, and skills.

Shavon is a collaborative, impactful, and analytical leader with nearly twenty years of transformative work in education (Pre-K -12 and higher education), workforce development, and community-based initiatives by way of public, private, and nonprofit partnerships.

Shavon’s passion for transformative work was instilled in him through the lessons he learned from his parents, family, and the things he witnessed growing up in Booker T. Washington Housing Projects, located in Jersey City, New Jersey. Having a wise, strong, and loving mother gave Shavon the character and celebration to overcome being raised in concentrated poverty, where he attended failing schools. Shavon’s love for learning, the need to consistently help others, and the wisdom to learn from not just his, but others’ mistakes, are just some of the core values fostered by his mother during his childhood years. Unfortunately, throughout his life, Shavon’s dad suffered from drug addiction. His father’s lifelong message to him was “become better than him,” which


Shavon to become a critical thinker at an early age. While trying to assess his father’s mistakes, Shavon became determined to figure out the underlying factors that influenced his decisions.

Throughout Shavon’s upbringing, he began to critically analyze the impoverished conditions he was born into and what reinforced those conditions. He quickly began to observe which resources were effective and ineffective, and their impact. Drugs were a major plight in Shavon’s community. Because of his first-hand experience with his father, understanding the effect drugs had on individuals, families, and the community became a lifelong pursuit of his.

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Shavon’s philosophy is to help others and to learn along the way. His life is decorated with great achievements because he dared to become a change agent.

Educational Degrees Awarded

Master of Arts

Educational Leadership, Politics & Advocacy

Master of Public Administration

Public Administration –

Public & Nonprofit


Bachelor of Arts

Elementary Education concentration English Literature

Learning and Development Record

Certifications, Licenses, Continuing Education Units (CEU), and Graduate Courses

Certifications & Licenses

  • Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Institute (PMI), In Progress

  • Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I),, In Progress

  • Google

    Project Management: Specialization
    , Coursera
    , I

    June 2022

  • Public Management Certification, FDU Public Management Institute

    ssued May 2014

  • Standard Teacher Certification, Grades K – 6, New Jersey Department of Education, Issued June 2008

Learning and Development Record


Strengths Based on CliftonStrengths

Assessment by Gallup. Their formula is Talent x Investment = Strengths

Impact Journey

Intergenerational Community Work

Advocacy for a Better World

Giving Back (Be The Promise)

Professional Goal

Education and nonprofit leader with progressive experience handling all aspects of organization management in search of an opportunity to bring highly transferable skills into the private sector to elicit greater change. Talented collaborator, able to communicate with staff, community members, and regulatory agencies to achieve organizational objectives. Develop and implement systems and process improvements that increase efficiency, transparency, and accuracy

all while addressing diversity, equity & inclusion needs
. Guides the creation of strategic plans that progress goals, increase awareness, and encourage support while complying with organizational and regulatory requirements.

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To continue my journey of transformative change below are the core areas of interest for an opportunity:

  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

  • People & Culture

  • Learning and Development

  • Program Management

  • Operations Management

  • HR Generalist/Business Partner

  • Senior roles only in Nonprofit/Education/Foundation Management

Career Experience Timeline

Experiences Beyond My Resume/CV

Career Highlights

Snapshot of Demonstrated People & Culture Highlights

Snapshot of Demonstrated Leadership Highlights

Final Day at Jersey City Employment & Training Program


“Shavon gave the program a lot of credibility and gravitas”

-New Jersey’s 52nd Governor Jim McGreevey

Governor McGreevey acknowledged the work Shavon did to brand Jersey City Employment & Training Program in the community and his efforts leading to corporations fulfilling their contractual obligated diversity hires goals as part of receiving their tax abatement from the City of Jersey City, NJ. (February 2015)

Notable Awards & Accomplishments

Shavon has a knack for community engagement, multitasking, taking initiative to solve problems, and working with diverse teams to achieve goals. To develop his skills while making an impact, Shavon has simultaneously worked multiple jobs, volunteered and advanced his education. As a first-generation college student, the first proposal he wrote granted all resident advisors of Bloomfield College free room & board. The proposal lasted Fall 2005–Spring 2015 and collectively saved those student leaders over $2-million in room & board fees or student debt. Below are the some of the awards and accomplishments he earned along the way.