Marie Purchased a $49.00 Gift for a Baby Shower – Marie Purchased a $49.00 Gift for a Baby Shower

When I first started hosting and attending baby showers, finding the perfect gift for the mum to be was always a struggle.  Our gift guide for all budgets, are items that I have personally bought for expectant parents, time and time again and will help you choose a gift that the mum to be will actually need and love.

 To avoid duplicate gifts and tons of baby gro’s, our top tip is to organise a hamper of key essentials that everyone can contribute towards. That way you can ensure she will have everything she needs and helps to spread the cost.

If you are keen to purchase baby clothes, then go for 3-6 months or bigger, as the mum to be will likely receive lots of onesies for a newborn that the baby will quickly grow out of.

The expectant parents will likely want to select their own nursery items, furniture, crib and car seat etc. but do check if there is anything that they specifically want.


A must have for all new mums who are planning to breast feed. This nipple cream is natural and hypoallergenic and can also be used for nappy rash and dry skin. This multiple award winning product will be a life saver for the mum to be. Some people are allergic to lanolin (the main ingredient) so make sure to do a patch check in advance.

Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator £5.90

 The Nosefrida nasal aspirator is an essential item for all new mums – I know several friends that swear by it. It was designed by a ear, nose and throat doctor to safely and hygienically prevent nasal congestion in babies and small children up to the age of 3 years. NHS approved.

Matchstick monkey teething toy

 A best selling teething toy which provides relief for sore gums. The monkey can easily be held by little hands and is a hygienic way to apply teething products directly to the pain – the little one will love it.

Natracare maternity pads

These maternity pads are organic with no nasty chemicals and although quite firm they are very comfortable, so will give the mum to be the support that she will need. They are more expensive than other maternity pads but are worth it, as they are extremely absorbent and can be worn with regular underwear.

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Whilst not the most glamorous of baby shower gifts, the multiple award winning Peri bottle is definitely a must have for all new mums for the first few days after birth. Designed to help provide a gentle and soothing clean, it is one of those product you don’t want to buy but
the mum to be will be so grateful that you did.

Self care book for new mums

The Little Book of Self-Care for New Mums  £8.39

Packed full of brilliant and practical advice, it is a thoughtful and knowledgeable read covering so many topics that often don’t get discussed and are hard to talk about. Unlike others, this book is not at all preachy and is often described as a warm comforting hug. It should be given out to all new mums.

Whether it is a home cooked meal, baby sitting, washing up, cleaning or a girls night in, the mum to be will be incredibly grateful for the help. Get creative and make your own coupons or fill out the book above with 30 things you know she will love.

Cotterpillar Baby Shower gift

Cotterpillar £10.00

Found in the best dressed nurseries, the Cotterpillar is an adorable, personalised nursery accessory that the mum to be is guaranteed to love. Designed to sit on the side of the cot, it makes leaning over so much more comfortable and is beautiful too. The Cotterpillar can be purchased as a starter pack, as well as personalised with a name or pictures and they also have gift vouchers too.

£10- £20 GIFTS

Expert midwife spritz for bitz

This is a magical solution designed by My Expert Midwife and is our top pick for a baby shower gift.  As well as having a great name, the spray provides instant relief during post birth recovery and is made with soothing lavender, tea tree oil and witch hazel. It is a hospital bag essential.

This safe and accurate baby thermometer can be used both in the ear and forehead to check temperature.

Clevamama apron bath towel

Designed by Irish brand Clevamama, this extra soft baby towel is the safest on the market. It’s designed to fasten around the mum’s neck like an apron, so they can have both hands free when picking up and drying their baby.

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These sensitive baby wipes by Aldi have won numerous awards and are the best on the market.

Neals Yard Remedies Baby Balm

A great present for all new mums, this organic balm is hypoallergenic and has no fragrance. It protects and calms the baby’s skin and can also be used on the mum to be’s bump. It’s one of my go-to gifts for a baby shower. Neal’s Yard’s also sell great mother and baby sets however they always seem to be sold out on their website and in store.

Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength


Whilst the new mum to be will be grateful for gifts for the little one, don’t forget a gift just for her. This essential oils rollerball is perfect for the early days when perfume should be avoided. A natural soothing remedy which can be applied to pulse points to help her feel refreshed.

Mary Meyer Teddy Bear

Mary Meyer Teddy Bear £16.50

Made with ultra soft fabric that little ones can sink their fingers into, this gorgeous teddy bear is a lovely baby shower gift that will be loved for years to come.

£20- £30 GIFTS

Shnuggle Baby bath

Shnuggle Baby Bath£24.95

Every new parent I know swears by this baby bath. It has won numerous awards and makes bath time safer and easier and includes bum support and a head rest. Arrange all the baby shower gifts inside, to create a great hamper for the mum to be.

Tiny Chipmunk swaddling blanket

Tiny Chipmunk Bamboo Swaddle Blanket

These 4 gorgeous swaddle blankets are made from Bamboo muslin so are hypoallergenic, antibacterial and super soft. These temperature regulating blankets help the baby to sleep longer and can also double as a pram blanket, burp cloth, nursing cover, comforter and much more.

£30- £50 GIFTS

Ewan the dream sheep

Ewan the dream sheep £39.99

Ask any new parent if they have heard of Ewan the dream sheep and the answer will always be a resounding yes. Designed to help the little one drift off to sleep, Ewan mimics the comfort of the womb with a selection of soothing sounds and a warm pink calming glow. All sleep deprived parents will appreciate Ewan the dream sheep just as much as their tired tot does.

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Rockit baby rocker

Rockit portable baby rocker £39.99

This portable baby rocker attaches to the side of any pram and creates a soothing rocking motion to get the little one to drift of to sleep. This is a life saving product for the mum to be when she is out and about and can’t get her little one to settle.

Baby and You bundle

Neu Oil Baby and You Bundle £49.00

This luxury set of 3 aromatherapy blends is the perfect gift for a new mum and baby. The bundle contains Baby Rest to help support the little one to sleep, Baby Air to promote clear airways and fight sniffles and You Energy to keep the mum to be uplifted throughout the day.  This gorgeous set is handmade in the UK using the best natural ingredients and is guaranteed to be a gift that the mum to be will cherish.

£50+ GIFTS

Cook new parents meal box baby shower

COOK new parents meal bundle


Sometimes the most useful gifts are the ones that help the new parents get through the first few weeks of sleep deprivation. COOK’s new parents meal bundle are a godsend when you have your hands full and don’t have the energy to prepare meals. A must have for all new parents and COOK are currently offering 10% of their entire range for new parents.

Tommee Tippee perfect prep

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Day & Night, Black £130

 Whether the mum to be is planning on bottle feeding or is planning to make a switch to formula, the Perfect prep machine makes bottle feeding a breeze.  With night lights and volume control, it’s sleep friendly for late night time feeds and makes a fresh bottle at the right temperature in less than 2 minutes.

Need more Baby Shower inspiration?

Baby Shower Planning Checklist

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Marie Purchased a $49.00 Gift for a Baby Shower


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