25y 15y 75

25y 15y 75

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Standard Features


  • 3400-rpm Spindle – Belt Drive

Turrets & Live Tooling

  • 4000-rpm Live Tooling with C axis, 12-Station BMT65 Turret

Chip & Coolant Management

  • 55-Gallon Coolant Tank
  • Variable Flow Coolant

The Haas Control

  • Control Touch Screen
  • Media Display M-Code; M130
  • HaasConnect: Remote monitoring
  • Early Power-Failure Detection Module
  • Ethernet Interface
  • WiFi Connection for the Haas Control
  • HaasDrop
  • Rigid Tapping
  • Spindle Orientation
  • Standard Program Memory, 1 GB
  • Internal High-Voltage Isolated Transformer

Tooling & Fixturing

  • BMT65 Standard Toolholder Kit
  • BMT65 Metric Standard Toolholder Kit
  • BMT65 Driven Toolholder Kit


  • 10″ Hydraulic Chuck, A2-6


  • 1-Year Standard Warranty

Available Options

* Not all options are compatible with each other. Some options may require the purchase of additional options, or may include additional options at no charge. Please use our Build-&-Price tool to determine option compatibility, and configure your machine.

Automation Options

We’ve completely redesigned our best-selling ST-25 Series turning centers to provide even more performance, features, and value than ever before. We’ve re-engineered everything – from the ground up – to create a more rigid machine, with superior cutting performance, and a host of productivity-enhancing options.

  • New castings – more compact and more rigid
  • 11% smaller footprint than its predecessor
  • Increased Z-axis travel
  • Available Auto Door
  • WiFi standard
  • Ideal for high-volume, high-production environments
  • Made in the USA



Sirois Tool

“When we purchase machines, we want to add capabilities or capacities that we don’t already have. So, one of our progressions was to add a Y-axis to be able to do some milling while we’re turning. That then progressed into adding a sub-spindle so that we could do some part pick-offs and work on the back side of parts. We did the same thing with our milling, where were originally doing 3-axis and 4-axis milling, and we moved into 5-axis milling. Our Haas machines have allowed us to think differently and quote work we normally wouldn’t look at.”

Alan Nadeau, President

Nimatic ApS

Nimatic ApS is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of equipment for handling machine tool coolants and lubricants, such as oil skimmers, separators, emulsion mixers, and refractometers. Haas machines play a key role in their manufacturing processes.

“Nimatic has several Haas machines, such as two VF-1s, two Mini Mills, and the ST-25Y with a Haas Bar Feeder. We purchased our first machine back in 2006. We use the ST-25Y most often to produce parts that make oil skimmers and emulsion mixers.”

John Nielson, Owner of Nimatic


“A key part to this machine to us was an Automation Solution”


John Saunders is the owner of Saunders Machine Works, and frequently posts videos on his NYC CNC YouTube channel.  A self-taught machinist, John has become a recognized figure in the machining and manufacturing industry.  His focus is on educating and inspiring the next generation of machinists and manufacturing entrepreneurs.

Haas ST-20Y


Y-Axis CNC Lathe with 11.75″ x 22.5″ max capacity and 2.5″ bar capacity

  • 8.3″
    Chuck Size
  • 2.5″
    Bar Capacity
  • 4k
  • 20 hp

Haas ST-30Y


Y-Axis Mid-Size CNC Lathe with A2-6 spindle nose and 3.0″ (76 mm) bar capacity

  • 10″
    Chuck Size
  • 3.0″
    Bar Capacity
  • 3.4k
  • 30 hp

Haas ST-35Y


Y-Axis Mid-Size CNC Lathe with A2-8 spindle nose and 4.0″ (102 mm) bar capacity

  • 12″
    Chuck Size
  • 4.0″
    Bar Capacity
  • 3.2k
  • 40 hp


Mark shows you everything you need to know to drill on a Haas lathe. Whether you have a standard 2-axis lathe, a dual-spindle lathe, or even a live-tool lathe, Mark simplifies the process, and explains all the G and M codes you’ll ever need.


Mark demonstrates how using a G53 command instead of G28 not only saves valuable cycle time, but also reduces the risk of crashing your machine. Mark walks you through both G-codes, and explains how and when to use each one.


Why move your turned parts to a mill for secondary operations when you can machine them complete on a Haas lathe with the BMT65 turret and live tooling? The BMT65 system provides increased cutting performance, longer tool life, and better tool clearance.

Setting Up Live Tools

Properly setting up live tools on a turning center can be tricky. Mark guides you through the process with a step-by-step tutorial that will answer all your questions.

Capacities S.A.E METRIC
Chuck Size 10.0 in 254 mm
Max Part Swing 21.0 in 533 mm
Max Cutting Diameter (with BMT65 turret) 11.75 in 298 mm
Max Cutting Length (varies with workholding) 22.5 in 572 mm
Bar Capacity 3.00 in 76 mm
Travels S.A.E METRIC
X Axis 8.4 in 213 mm
Y Axis ± 2.0 in ± 51 mm
Z Axis 22.5 in 572 mm
Feedrates S.A.E METRIC
Rapids on X 472 ipm 12.0 m/min
Rapids on Y 472 ipm 12.0 m/min
Rapids on Z 945 ipm 24.0 m/min
Axis Motors S.A.E METRIC
Max Thrust X 4100 lbf 18238 N
Max Thrust Y 2300 lbf 10231 N
Max Thrust Z 5100 lbf 22686 N
Spindle S.A.E METRIC
Spindle Nose A2-6 A2-6
Max Rating 30.0 hp 22.4 kW
Max Speed 3400 rpm 3400 rpm
Max Torque 300.0 ft-lbf @ 500 rpm 407.0 Nm @ 500 rpm
Spindle Bore ø 3.50 in 88.9 mm
Main Spindle C Axis S.A.E METRIC
Max Rating 5.0 hp 3.7 kW
Positioning (±) 0.01 ° 0.01 °
Brake Clamp Force 1000 lbf 4448 N
Brake Diameter 14.4 in 366 mm
Control Type Interpolated Motion and Positioning Interpolated Motion and Positioning
Number of Tools 12 Stations 12 Stations
OD vs ID Tools Any Combination (will vary with turret) Any Combination (will vary with turret)
Boring Bar Rear Clearance (from back of turret ) 4.00 in 102.0 mm
Live Tooling S.A.E METRIC
Max Speed 4000 rpm 4000 rpm
Tooling BMT65 BMT65
General S.A.E METRIC
Coolant Capacity 55 gal 208 L
Air Requirements S.A.E METRIC
Air Required 4 scfm @ 100 psi 113 L/min @ 6.9 bar
Inline Air Hose 3/8 in 3/8 in
Coupler (Air) 3/8 in 3/8 in
Air Pressure Min 80 psi 5.5 bar
Electrical Specification S.A.E METRIC
Spindle Speed 3400 rpm 3400 rpm
Drive System Direct Speed, Belt Drive Direct Speed, Belt Drive
Spindle Power 30.0 hp 22.4 kW
Input AC Voltage (3 Phase) – Low 220 VAC 220 VAC
Full Load Amps (3 Phase) – Low 70 A 70 A
Input AC Voltage (3 Phase) – High* 440 VAC 440 VAC
Full Load Amps (3 Phase) – High* 35 A 35 A
Dimensions – Shipping S.A.E METRIC
Domestic Pallet 142 in x 90 in x 92 in 361 cm x 229 cm x 234 cm
Export Pallet 143 in x 90 in x 92 in 364 cm x 229 cm x 234 cm
Weight 12300 lb 5580.0 kg

*Haas machines are designed to operate on 220 VAC power. An optional internal high-voltage transformer (380 – 480 VAC) is available for all models, except the Desktop Mill, CL-1, and CM-1. This optional high-voltage internal transformer is not field installable; it must be ordered with the machine.

ATTENTION! Optional high-performance spindles have a higher power requirement than the standard spindle. Verify the power requirement before running power for your machine.

Need More Information?

If you would like more information about how a new Haas machine can bring your products to life, please share your contact information.

25y 15y 75

Sumber: https://www.haascnc.com/machines/lathes/st/models/y-axis/st-25y.html

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